Legacy Giving

Leaving a Gift to the PKD Foundation of Canada

If you have a vision that one day humanity won't have to suffer the full effects from polycystic kidney disease (PKD), then we are on the same page. The PKD Foundation of Canada has a plan and a strong base of like-minded people to help make that vision come true.   

The PKD Foundation of Canada is the only organization that leads the national fight against PKD through research programs, education, awareness and support to help discover vital treatments for PKD and improve the lives of all those it affects. Your legacy gift will enable the PKD Foundation of Canada to create a powerful philanthropic legacy by making a direct impact on the advancement of critical Canadian research. If you have not had the ability to make a major gift during your lifetime, or if you're a dedicated lifetime supporter, legacy giving can be meaningful source of funding from you.

Legacy giving is a way to express your hope to improve the lives of all affected by PKD. It offers means for you and members of your community to respond to your commitment to end PKD. If you or anyone you know has been impacted by PKD, we encourage you to take this step to effectively fight back and help improve the lives of those living with polycystic kidney disease. 

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